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Love and Money

Friday March 3, 2017

Leasehold Law

Spring is almost upon us and romance is in the air. Or is that pragmatism? Recent research from property portal Zoopla reveals that four out of ten young people believe taking out a joint home loan is a bigger commitment than marriage. Since couples are together on average for three to four years before jumping […]

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Leasehold Law
Release the Thumb Screws on Investors

Thursday March 10, 2016

It will not be news to our lessees who are buy-to-let investors that they are about to be hit very hard by a series of new rules that will place enormous financial burden on their operations. It’s a real shame because the measures are not going to suddenly resolve the country’s housing shortage. Landlords appear […]

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The Block Management Game!

Monday September 7, 2015

Leasehold Law

Before venturing into the work of block management I recall spending so much time on the London train I was on first name terms with many of the staff. The reason for my long haul commute was to update myself on the arcane laws and ever changing regulations surrounding block management, where a block of leasehold […]

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Leasehold Law
Save Money But Avoid The ‘No Frills’ Business Model

Sunday February 8, 2015

HPBM was setup to get the best deal and service for freeholders, resident management companies and  leaseholders. I would like to thank Northumbria University for helping us recruit and train our team of Estate Management graduates over recent years. This is the team who operate our ‘Lease Check’ service and they are now adept in […]

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You Chose Block Management?

Saturday January 10, 2015

Heaton Property - BMD

To become a good block manager you need to spend months of homework studying the arcane, often feudal laws and regulations concerning ownership of flats in a block. I recall that changing my first child’s nappy came as a blessed relief from study, at times I began to wish I had picked astrophysics as my […]

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Heaton Property - BMD
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An End to Freeholder Tyranny?

Posted: 17/2/2018

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The Human Factor

Posted: 26/9/2017

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From Patagonia to Heaton

Posted: 27/6/2017

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Introducing our clients...

I wish to thank you for all the hard work you have been putting in with regards to the management of our block. Living here myself, I have found everything running vastly better. I have received warm and appreciative comments from my neighbours also, congratulating the promptness and professionalism with which you have addressed their issues.

Dr J Jones – Resident Leaseholder

Quite possibly the best decision we made was to involve HPBM in the early stages of our development. The knowledge they have has been invaluable in getting our new block up and running smoothly whilst ensuring the leaseholders are happy with how things are run.

Mr P Smithson – Developer & Freeholder

I think I speak for the large majority of property owners when I say HPBM’s solutions made perfect sense. They put the needs of our tenants and us, as property owners at the forefront of their proposals.

Mr D Humphrey – (Lease Appointed) Management Company Director

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